Group Sessions: Prices is determined based on need

Group Sessions are customized to the clients need. The client will determine the number of group sessions needed.

Group Sessions consist of 3 or more individuals. Group Life Coaching sessions consist of 90 minutes.

This setting allows you to choose your group members and topic(s) or join an existing group. It is very effective and private. Each individual will be provided a Non-Disclosure Agreement to sign to ensure the privacy of the group. Group Life Coaching can be provided at your location of choice, via Zoom, or in office. Coach Tuck will provide tools that will assist you with your healing process, personal and professional transformations, everyday decisions, life impairments, and challenges as you CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT.

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Couples Coaching Group

When we enter into intimate relationships, at whatever phase, they start with a honeymoon phase. We are so infatuated with each other that you can’t stop smiling at each other, love being in the presence of one another, call/text throughout the day, and we only see the good side of them. AND then the shift happens. Now your differences are making the relationship “hard”. Well guess what, this is a common experience.

A couples coaching group is powerful because...

You realize you are not the only one experiencing the issues present. You have a safe place to share your heart with your partner in the presence of others. Couples get to learn, grow and support each other while creating the relationship they want.


The format is as follows:

While this may seem intimidating, our hope is that you will feel the support of your peers as you deal with issues that most couples share. We will create a safe place where you can be open and share meaningful moments with each other.


The requirements are:


Weekly, Tues and Thurs, and/or Sat. You will select which day (group) you
want to attend.Once that date has five couples committed, we will begin.

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A: Fill out the contact form and we will schedule an interview. Interviews are
starting now and are $35 for a 30-minute session. The cost of the interview will be
refunded if the group is not the right fit for you. Also, current and former clients may not
need an interview. The initial interview cost will not be refunded if you are a no-show for
the 30-minute session.

A: Yes.

A: $250/couple for 5 sessions, due prior to the first session. If you are not a former or
current client, the initial interview with the couple is $35 for a 30-minute interview (will go
towards total cost). No refunds once the group starts.

A: Great! You will have a group of people willing and ready to support you and offer you a safe place and new experience.

A: You still need to pay the full amount. We will offer heartwork in between the sessions. Even if you miss one or two groups you will still benefit, though if you know in advance you’ll miss multiple sessions it may be best to wait for another round of the group.

A: Once we have put together a cohort of couples who are ready to go on this journey together, we will get things rolling. We’ll make sure to keep you posted,and give you a heads up so you can make the necessary arrangements to ensure your participation.

A: No. This group is what is called a closed group. The members you meet on the first day are the ones that will be with you the whole time unless they drop out, and no new members will be added. The group will be limited to 5 couples, giving you ample time and space to be heard.

A: Unfortunately not. This group is for couples only.