Couples & Individual Coaching

Specialized Areas which are a mandatory 5 sessions

There are a several topics you should discuss prior to marriage to ensure you have a solid foundation prior to saying I DO. These sessions focus on the critical areas for premarital coaching for both engaged and pre-engaged couples. Sessions include a biblical basis for the concept of marriage, childhood development, a couple’s expectations and assumptions concerning marriage, healthy communication and conflict resolution, financial responsibility and intimacy.

Be Heard: The Simple Playbook to Being Heard in Your Marriage
It is amazing how much healing can take place when a couple listens to understand their spouses point of view, feelings, and opinions. Being heard validates our truth, our individuality and our very existence. Its hard to listen when you don’t feel heard! And the need to feel heard is often times more important than finding a solution. The Be Heard Playbook will improve your:

  • Communication skills
  • Intimacy
  • Basic connection
  • Cooperation with each other
  • Trust
  • Your entire marriage

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